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The Gallery

A place not only for images, but also for works of literature and music. Please note that this section is devoted to recent works. Classics are to be found in the Origo section.


Paintings, collages, computer art, sculpture etc.

Channa Bankier Five images (computer art), 1996.
Alessandro Bavari Four oil paintings, 1993.
Brad Brace Whole Body Scanning, 1995-98.
Tom Chambers Six images from New Directions, 1999.
Edvard Derkert Seven collages.
Tania Fred Four oil paintings.
Linda Hedendahl Five oil paintings, four linocuts.
Emma Karp Four lithographs 1995.
Lawa Tanka poems - words, images and animation, 1998 (ENG, SWE)
Peter Rosvik Five paintings 1995-96
Lena Rydén 16 oils and inks,1997; one neon, 1995; four water-colors, 1992.
Sei Senkoji Five paintings and drawings, 1995 and 1997.
Gunilla Sköld Feiler Five wax reliefs 1993-95.
Reneta Slikboer Four sculptures, 1996.
Jan Stenmark Fourteen collages (images and text), seven from 1998 and seven from 1995.
Cissi Svärdström Five oil paintings, three works in wood, 1988-94.
Marika af Trolle Eight images (paintings & computer art)
Kent Wahlbeck Five computer images; two paintings, 1993-95.
Teresa Wennberg Six stills from 3D computer animations; four paintings, 1993-95.
Per Wennerstrand The Twin River Country and the Tree of Man (paintings and poems).


Brad Brace Photographs from series Red/white, Cibachrome, Pi and Lucinda.
Peter Ejewall: "Three Photo Poems for Gunnar Ekelöf"
Michael Moreth "O'Hare Airport" and other photographs, 1998, as well as six computer enhanced images from 1999.
Karl-Erik Tallmo: "Poppa's in the Icebox" and other Photoshop manipulated photographs
3D images Three-dimensional photographs from the late 19th century as well as more recent ones.
Ted Warnell Six photographics


Moshe Benarroch: Poetry and Antipoetry (ENG, FR)
Paulo da Costa: A Millstone, Always a Millstone (ENG)
Peter Ejewall: Three Photo Poems for Gunnar Ekelöf (SWE)
Linda Hedendahl: Elva dikter (tio tidigare opublicerade). Eleven poems in Swedish, ten previously unpublished (SWE).
Mary Herbert: Flying Phobia and other poems (ENG).
Christer Hermansson: Livets mening (SWE)
William B. Hunt: Four poems, five minimalist poems (ENG)
Philips Hyams: Plastic Flowers in Paradise (ENG)
Lawa: Tanka poems - words, images and animation, 1998 (ENG, SWE)
J. Lehmus: Cancer in Zenith (ENG)
Robert Lietz: Topping Off (1-3) Samples from Lietz' poetic fountain-pen project "Character in the Works: Twentieth-Century Lives" (ENG)
Ben Ohmart: "4 Lines & I'm Done" and other poems (ENG)
William Ray: Circle, a poetic essay from the collection "On the Authority of the Moon". (ENG).
Karl-Erik Tallmo: Marathons Buck A (shorter!!) pastiche of Finnegans Wake (ENG).
Per Wennerstrand: The Twin River Country and the Tree of Man (paintings and poems). (SWE).


Jörgen Adolfsson: Striving and strutting (a synthesizer piece) (AIFF)
Bengt Berger: Tarang P.M. (a piece for winds, acoustic bass and tablatarang) (RealAudio)
Berger Knutsson Spering: Butterfly Friend (by Don Cherry) (RealAudio)
Dror Feiler: Hallel (a saxophone composition) (AIFF)
Marie Selander: Voicings II (an improvisation for solo voice) (AIFF)

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