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Bengt Berger, drummer, percussionist:

Butterfly Friend Duration: 5':47". File type: RealAudio.

Alternate take of "Butterfly Friend", written by Don Cherry. The regular version is featured on the CD "Berger Knutsson Spering" (Amigo AMCD 880). Recorded: April 28, 1997 by Claes Persson. Bengt Berger, drums; Jonas Knutsson, soprano sax; Christian Spering, acoustic bass.
© Don Cherry & Amigo Records.


Tarang P.M. Duration: 5':15". File type: RealAudio.

This is a piece for tabla, tablatarang (a whole set of tuned tabla drums) and wind instruments. It is written by Bengt Berger, and the performers are: Jonas Knutsson, alto sax, Roland Keijser, tenor sax, Tommy Johnsson, acoustic bass, Ale Möller, trumpet, Ola Ragnar, gourd rattle, and Bengt Berger, tablas/tablatarang.
© Bengt Berger & Rub-a-Dub Records.

Photography © Thomas Gidén
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