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Ben Ohmart, poems

This Time Fall

I've creamed the future and it is with shoulder pads

Finalistic number locks with gooey, gooey H-strings

Teeth marks by her, but a groundhog, so shot

I'm incredibly eating salt for the very heartbeat

When national parks tumble for this headache

Drawers of water, falls, so I never open them

Computer's on the problem of those w/o jobs, toenails

Too much comfort zone in the human body, eat the fat

If you slice it carefully, you can last yourself a laughtime

4 Lines & I'm Done

i broke myself down

into the numbers

changed 1 to a 5

and i was never the same

Cathy's Porn Is Getting Cold

on her bare legs, she let the remote fall

and hurried to the door to check

for the mailman who wasn't there

and turned around and noticed

what a perfect still the tv pause made

Night Follows Pay

the friend of Derek's wears clothes that could never strangle

drives up and down Slappey Drive's night

pretending his jr. college life is interactive

liquor store hours are flexible and so is money

car with all bass and no sound

likes driving through the lane on the left

of Krystal's Hamburgers' drive-through

circling around the 24 hr. place

and then looking left again to pull out

the windows of the red car are thick with black shielding

and Derek's friend has no name

Before the Power Goes Off

the historian is cramming for a brain

food coffee, house silent, and mini-blinds blind

Shubert in the ears for Saturdays otherwise

he senses the house across the street

with the cars and the friends experimenting with midnight

and knows that if he learns until unconsciousness

he won't have to draw the blinds

because he is in the light,

and there's darkness between the houses

and they could see him

if he were there

Beginning-Age Group

everything you are happened before you were 4

think the thoughts/aren't there

touch the way you feel

comprehend the change/ is just defied

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