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Teresa Wennberg

Stills from 3D computer animations

These figures are stills from two different 3D animations ("Mémoire" and "Amnésie/Amnesia"), that Teresa Wennberg worked with during her stay as artist-in-residence at the GAMSAU laboratory in Marseille 1993-1995. The animations dealt with a continuous interpolation of various forms, occasionally appearing in such an order as to shortly describe a word.

Stills from "Mémoire" (Part I of the trilogy "Double Alpha"), 1993, 3'30:
Image no 1 (13 K)
Image no 2 (14 K)

Stills from "Amnésie/Amnesia" (Part III of the trilogy "Double Alpha"), 1994, 4'15:
Image no 3 (18 K)
Image no 4 (47 K)
Image no 5 (63 K)
Image no 6 (116 K)


The temptation, 1995 (53 K)
Female voices, 1995 (58 K)
Les chemins secrets du nomade, 1995 (52 K)
Le souffleur des mythes, 1995 (73 K)

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