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Marathons Buck

by Karl-Erik Tallmo

riverie, pastiche a damned, from stir of space to land of fay, wings us by a commodian fictus of recyclonation buck to House Cast in Irons. Buck hurried in the cane, floodcaught and torrentmented on a peace of wreck-age: From here to eternity directed from Darryl F Zanabuck, the singular dueling the plural, the moment universus the external eternal. Well, well, well. What's that grain in the black hole of my eye left? A quadmirer of the bluescythes? In this astatic astral flood-stream, a current of air with an air of current, a tourneydo burning with the marathador's Asiattic Austere-alien blood. For him being shed, oh yes, pour lui. Sore. Here he comes whailing like Jona under the Incarian sun, the Daedalusian son. Oh, do I remember! Crewel memories. Member Barney, member Sissy. And member Nelda, little milkmaid so gay. Alas, a lass at war, what a lurid combination! In combat with the seventh sun, seventh mammal of God, mining its own busyness deep down the shaft. And off course, Mobby Doc a-golphin' the onely dr Huer, Indogenious genitor of null-edge, awkward hazardous reliance of mankind he appears in Telly gently, the witnessed radiance of a kind man. Re-alliance of kindred men, a blizz to prayse for. Lay you down so neat coming home from the wake, said Rogers unto Nelda.

Icy Beams and motes, the cold buddy, broken rods and girders everywhere, the lonely seafarer's abdome achoing from spleenters. Crooked carcass, abba cadavra, Buckarooing rodeo-riding the stream, swanking and banking, willow the gods. I dare say! Back and Fort. Here und Dort. Hither und Dither. Hitler und Dieter. Tearrissenes Metall, loose pipes and draines, Cissolée, the tele mach out of every higher order, cirquit lapsus, ohm-mo-ney-padre. Fungus in the microbscope all rates too low, functus officio.

Gloomy glomerulus. But still there is oxygen, and in his mind's I he drinks to dr Hoover, the hope for Mann & Kind. Poor Louis being shed. Ach, thou grim reaper, thy gloomy shadow on the wall. All fork and no plate makes Jack a null-boy. Hysteria & Diphteria. Crush the infamous! Embrassez l'enfant! The fuelpumpkin with empty tube all halloweenside, makes that dark sillyette. Give it a blow a bang and a bum with a beam. Ease your pain, grin raper, grained ripener, you've got to buck, not buckle; lonesome coward, leslie howard.

Thou shalst drain the bitter chalice, scarelet pimp, fear knot small crow, the wind is whining at the vent. Herold rest, the sextant framed a Stern. No rescind, just resign? Watt, me amper? An amplitudinous Coulomb per se conned. The Topic of Cancel, a quest for Libraries or Sagittaurus. And old Saturnus with his frosty phase O'Glory! Equarian state and Crawl hurts? It's in the heir, Ancient marooner! Such is the wattness of your amperness. Such is your endless exile.

Gloomy night and day, with shadows I spend it all. Think I'll go greasy. Timely Buck Starsailor alone. The creamy dreams of the stream, maybe it's all in my mind. Rumble. What was that? The Roaring Fortress? Moon of Alabama! Aiken drums. A moan rises with spacious tide, rose and about thyme too. Whatch out, Mr Rogers! A gleam of light may bee. Aningaussat. Fermenting cheese with giant stride. Closer. Nearly Good to be.

The unfanthomable subway of space approaching a junktion. The terminal station, Mr Rogers! Ache, nine, eech musst lebenslufthansen, verstonen si? Riverboat chauffeur, how you long for that moon countree. No choyce for Son of A dame, as for Jona submariner. The seeming gravity of the moonplanet, gravely carcessing you in harbour, down you go on tip of old smoking. Puff, the tragic wagon sad. Puff. Posterrity.

Well, hum, the emergency ship might reach that land. Yawly Bob von Aberwitz. Heaven't Gott much time, eyelich. But fürst some afixin' and suffixin' to do. Remending, remounting, repairing. Jusqu' Dezpair and a mass d-minor. Repairier, attacher. Disavowel a bay and demount a praecoca! Oh, what a little moonlight can do! Fungy pungey, this. Thinker's whim and tinker's damn. Dinkytink. Moonkey wrench, spannung. Seasong of Spring. Catches click and clacks kitches. Resilence. Resailance. Coupling-device of homerous divine old couple. Cain gear and Jointment day. Screwdriver pilots of hammering. Shove your piston, beamer. Raygun Roald inflated hear, really killed roy, Rogers! Inflationnaire, juice your silvermountained sworcery! Gee wiz, better to live on the reef than live with an unturned screw. Light beamer, one more turn. Creek. Listen to the Seconds Coming. Squeek. Meek.

Majestically floating island, tragic whirling ship, growing in the wind and soon gone. With how sad steps, O Moon, thou climbest the skies! Watch time! Centorions of dust and antiquated qualities. My constellation lies in the stardust. Not Tolouse a second, La Trekk, into the craft, Strang and Durm, bonnet down, contact, Roger, depress the star-butt-on!

Seeman, de Führwerkerei beginnt. Darunder and Leitning. Verkehr-ei leaves the hen, dr Hühner. Degression of eggression. Kontramutter. In light canoes entfliehen. Sta Maria, pietà and nino. The ol lymp rescuer left the mothership, witch craft it turned away from, emitting brooms of fire. Jehuuuuuuu! Volare, woebegone, resourceful Buckeen. Cloudhopper! Luna surface far away, may the fuel be sufficient and fit for flight. Pater noster. Eeny meeny. Hatch the trigger, try the slow! And if not, wire the braney, zizi, my old compatriots, if they could see me now. The great eagle swoops down from the hills. Huer, I've seen Huer, I've somehower seen Huer one day, Eisenhuer, la di da. Ivory tower la di da. This is not even the begending of the inn, it's just the beguining of the out. Inventive Buck, furthering his hope, not for sail, toward the sweet port of his avail. Invective, infective Buck, cunner of higher stratagems. Now all brakes ON. Or else, Mash like the pocket-watch in the gateau. A rudder is all aglow, in other worlds, atmosphere. Leities und Chantlimenn! Atmosphere utmost fare. Mythe musqué musique mystique! Inspiration, sing an air. Mine Tamen und Cherren! I give you the planet Birth. Take me in the soil among the murky mist of moss. Watch rocket crash on the chateau, no, retard, slowly descend backwards eating flames. Randolph VS Crowdaddy Hurst. Vibraphones, turmoil, spurting, shakes spear of ship. Downwards & onwards.


Right on the spot, on the rocks, Reeflein auf der Haydn. Hark, dust. Sela. Tottering out, stumbling along in the landescape, Ol' Man of the River, under his feet medi-evil stones in this peniseismic aria, his sole is marching on. Ales. Exhausted feet get alert with the Dicavette Shoe. The trope of supertropics. White giant sunflowers. World champignons and chanterelles. Strange fruit. Smell of the treespirit. Huge and grandiooze. Calling callies. Labouring laburnum. Lots of fen at Marstrand's Bork. Anonymous anemones. Hillbilly Buck totters down to Seechamore, to the water, down the hill. Sigssak. Refreshing lickuid mirroring rippleless cold and nippleness, not a sigh and none in sight. On the bonnie bucks of rock Le Monde, he smiles when he seas his image in the lake. Planet X, inhabit ants one.

The Grand Thôtal, lots of vacancies at Matrimoon's Lake. Homer sweet homer. Buck Robinson Cruiser. Nimblewitted Buck. Bumblewitted Nick. Hucklebuckle Frose in again. Woebegun Buck emiritus herd something, can sphere it! Panthers & anthers, stigmata & stamina, seremons & anthems! Pistollen and ready! Nickeldemos and music, music? Tenderness Walz Whiteman in danger. Singing in dorian mode on the doriangrey rock. Latitude of no solitude. Strangers. Cretures. Some brutal tribe of flawless savages? Ander Schönenbergen Don au Mrs Ippy? They're coming. Decorum.

Lottes of fans when Mary Antonne's back (from Universailles via Kapstrup). Meldende Mägdelein. Lockende Frohenschwiemlerinnen. Droning 'n chanting drones. Gangsa gesang. Waving arms. Aloha. Herd halts. Numbwithered Buck touches his silvermuted weapon. On guard! Forsyte, fort-knight. À la varieté, woman in white emerges, progliding like a star of St Lucifer, oho, hem of the peplum-skirt high on the thigh up above (under a pen allmighty so fine), as any weselle gent and smal: hips like an intersect, a barmclooth eek, spyderwebbed, gauzed, as whyt as morne milk, blossomed bosom veiling swell, unshielded shoulder she has and the whole trapezius undraped, greater pictoralis. Voyage of celibacy now enlightens new eyes. Eyes deep as Lake Veronica, hair too. Waldgoettin & Mr Goattobuck now confront.

But good heavens, she is all maid up of womanly stuff, all prefect, answer to a Jung man's prayer, a bit of heaven beside a stream. But Grandma Moses, what strange looking ears she's got! Pricked up, gleaming red, pointed up in the sunlight, footlong, upwards & upwards like listening-tools of a donkey or cuniculus, for cunning Rogers, but no dovets, totally Unbepflaumt. Speak to the hearing, talk to the audisense! With other lips I will speak to this people.

BUCK: Sünh rinst/e de eteulsik s'hündin dros da hell! (Rhetoric pause) Oh, you speak english, eh? Name's Buckenhasch.

WALDGOETTIN: (Goddess of the woulds) O Great Za! Our Master! At Last You Have Returned!

BUCK: Beg'pardon?

WALDGOETTIN: Za! For Generations our witted men have predilicted your redescension. Host, see thy host! The temple, for you arisen, shook in its groundations when you recurred, there was not one stone left upon one another. But this tabula lapidea, this stone-engraving has been a relief to us during the hard times, nearly worn out it almost palimpceased to be. But it bears thy image. See!

BUCK: Hum!

The carved picture was not unlikely, Buck recognized the dumbhitted nose, his tight-fitting helmet, his cunning cheek: but anybody could do a picture, any von Dönitzen whoever. But he had never stamped the grounds of this good forsaken plate befork, had he? Of all medallion stars, this was the other coincide, worra. Was there a spell cast on him? Let'er spell ICOUR! Herd urbanizes among herbs and Buck follows the dream. Torches and rejoicing, the crafter sang with earth, game globulin set, trotting. Induction of the genitraitor, rechairment, embedment, towards the palace! Yes, my good people, I have returned. Za is back with you. Fear not till Donkan would come to Buckingham. Marbleous schluss, mighty weighty Allbrecht stones Walled, glorious gate.

Flare-eared Waldgoettin of the flashing eyes, hir two eyen slee him sodenly, gleamstering hear-drops of rubrillonds and demoralds, dusk begone in her eyes as it is in heaven, shoes laced on hir legges hye, and those legs, Buck! Hee ho. Tattoo sounds in Zania country and the door is bolted according to regislations. The uproach of darkness. Curfew cures few. Confernated wonderstruck Buck. Are you gonna lock up your Great Za? Holie nightie nopie! But Zana, proudeared and bright-eyed tells; when sun goes down, it's for your own good. We now withdraw to our chambers. So there he sits, with shiny floors, eclagant stairs, urnamental colden doors on posts of shilver, tiles and walls blue and brownze and monogramous maritial monicles with suffering sapfires. And not even a Ziggurat. Galleyant Buck, stallwart knecht, remorseful. Dolt bore when door bolt. Alone in night of chasity.

Gittin' on Mi nerves sitting here, indoorian mode, this Palace Atheme I know it all, says he opens door to next hall, roguerish. What is this shrill echo, the motet in thy neighbours ear? Gorgie Porky, pudding and pie, gammon and spinach! Ladies laughing, bubble-giggling, gurgle-gobbling, a turkey bath with calleidiopic Calypso-nymphs? Zania's female flowers with red petals of shyness converging in large basins, foamy chins, bubble be up to wellcarved clavicles, but rest obscure. Man of many resources peeps at the naiads, that sun of a beach, NileboY SinaI, alien voices sound, like sirens in the chiastic night, the voices sound alien. Voces la dulzura like a fog-horn in the steam, such sight for starving soul: White-armed Nauticaa mermaids, Babes in troyland. Cellibath, sex-apall, temptrapture rises, the red petalumas, a piece of ass and the peace at brest, y en sus manos la haremonia. For any lord to leggen in his bedde. No, cunning cunner, swordid lusts later, this misteny has to be solved. Closes door dampfened mute, he swipes the wet off his forehead. Out into the chasming nite!

But halt at glorious gate, no way. Exit nexit rexit. Locked and bolted twisely. A most clear Halldoor Lackness of carved scalp, clave or key. Artful little head like sconce on the wall. Brassy brat brays to brave Buck, this Gargolio also speaks with papalgoyish voice: Great Za! If life is dear to you, stay here, I beg to you! Za leans towards this little objection. All wake and no joys makes Jack a bulldog. Great Za does exactly as he pleases! Or else I'll silverdemount the doors, the tight-fitting Porte Heroïque des Vielles, Pre lutte. Gargolio gargles surrender, parrotlike: Nor fools rush out where angels fear to tread, the night with misty mantles spread. What strong hand can hold his swift foot back? He has the brains of a dult. Click.

Buck Rogers grabs the Iworry-handle, treads through the doorway, out into the green copse, the Birdland Wood of Dozeinsane. Smell of hell? Is there no Palm in Jelly? Sweet and sour, holy smoke. Piss and shit! Fish and Chips, mister, goodbye. Flora or fauna these purple flowers of blue moan? Blood on the leaves and blood screaming at the elm-root. In the cool of the evening. Anitabilia, vaginomalia, snap dragons, zarzapparilla, incarnations, narcissists, coltsfeet, ponies, cowlips, bright-eyes, harebell, dropsword, vetter bitch, horsetailors, squorrels, heater, gentiman, man in the moor, mars mallows, tse-tse-fras (fumily Laureate), ferrnets, mantling-ladies, Broccoli spectre, forgot me nets, bosscrow and crossbow. Birdock's thistle-thastle affects the terminal nervous cystem of gang-lions, especially dandy-ones. Fountain splash rowan lilacts daggressions out liming. Fire on the mountain, ashes to ashes, amencycle and reverse. Caressing cresses, scold of pleasure, genuine germinal madwörter only affects peakheaded Spitzköpfer? Humo aures acutus erectus? Shadows in narrow alleys, allies follow fellows shooting arrows. Mon Jew! Battletrumpets blare, brothelstrumpets dare, fanfair. That Ol'man Cornette. Gittem! Hittem bleedin, killem! Rogers rage-flying, nostrils burning, cling-flinging up the street. Opressed are the meek. With eyes aflame he faced the hunt, smashed the broad cheek. Behold Vikingdom, the de-composing hour. The country rings around with loud alarms. Insultanate. Pound the meat! Mashed Po Tatis.

Shivering, the sap clots in dreary night. Black holy water, fight back lying in the puddle, why, lost a Pair o'dice? Flashing eyes, a Faust blazing, the feudian symbal in cestus, right in solar eclipsus. Krasa ing asta mami! Mercy, Mr Ieux, let's stick together and kill Every macho indread! Odd ends and even evenings end odd. A Clark ther was of Kent also. Buck, the gallivant, hogwart, trembleworsted to attackürk in the fraynzy. Dilly, dilly, dilly, dilly, come to be killed! Malefunction on Dulirium island. You polyp! He had Esquire in his retinae (who was a little bolder than himself), this was Irus, lord Diplodocus, Anonymous eye at which Buck now aimed, silver-mounted sword procruding one-oculared Psyclope. Me blind thrice, was simper-mouthed wording and eye went babuka-opaque. Lockout, Mr Rogers, be hind! The nightive picked up a tool and buckstruck on the right Schulder. Men tall aspines, columns ruined. Tunc. Blam. No Blame. And leaves the world to darkness and to me. Säule, was verwolkst du mich? Elfinbeinzornig und Hell klingt das Glockchen Uhrteilt. Bim. Baum.

Day brakes, his mind aches, sun rises slowly over the wild oatsean. The early sunbeams dispell and decemble the poison of crimson dusk, dead bodies stocked in squares, half-dead buddies shocked and scared, quiescent empty streets, too dead for dreaming. Rogerson Bruise lies wound up on the palace-stretcher, far from the twisted reach of sorrow, the misted bleach of morrow. Fight-tired Zana heels Acheillness enshrouding fibreish forehead, her words will Helen hastily. ZZZZ. Zana, Zalura, Zarda and Zamia, dodecantropus conflexus, lean ricorsetting over Bug Rockers' licy layer: consider in jury.

Sangri Za, defilant of all warnings, why did you not listen? Beawereowulf; lycanthropic and vulvar our men become at night. Gaudeo te salvum adesse. Good ointment on this address!

Alas, head caput morum, helmet as the metals of the hyabsinth in Bloom, mulberry-rush around, elbow rising up. Ahmin nezezzitus neezof azrink, whaddyahave? Bux special, ginger rogers ale usually sparkles. I don't want beaverage. Your long time curse hurts, what sort of Gemeinheitschaft is this? Violoncell and song of fistulators, omnes insani videntur, Omniscient! We don't hear! Inspiting, eggoing scent caught in the big jam of Walpurging night's jazmins. Drunken saviour, what shall we do? The playtoy of the western wind, someone respires on this cervilisation, generations within this same kinship of reiterative, successional plaguette. Venish deteste spiritus, cheers. Slursh. Culpa, cura, calix, cupedo, causa

Avanti, cavallier! Zana, take me to my knoll-apsed residue-ship, my nave, the wake vessper, yes. The Vershicle, Curriage, Comwayance, Trip-tool, the place where I endered this world! Yes, yes, the temple. The temple.

Ginger aisle & trantisept against this bacillica smelling all tar. This is the Proper descent place of the delivery. The craft must be paired again, recomposed: Cone valves, puff. Slide valves, phew. And Hedral Cat-bolts quite a phew! A crank. Finio in absurdum. Please be seated, your ladyship! Quel est votre prix pour un mois entier? Great balls of fire, up & away beautiful maroon. Westward bound, I assumpt, mobiliste passionné! A session of ascension. Upwards & onwards!

Towards the hinterland they dash away on thin jet of gleaming fire, behinter: straight as an arrow! Le capitain Byck Roshare carries-all skillfully, freewheeling: Foxtails of an even summerhunt. The lady of flashing eyes on the seat beside, la donna e mobile. Inc'est one bonnie bonnie occasion poor fair za connaisance! How to know where? Where to know-how? Now to Huer? Cold at tarbowls end.

Lofts & vans at Merritones Bock. How to nowhere? A day-long journey into night. Un long chemin. Chemistry all day? Sure. Pressez le bouton, il autopilotti! O Zana, abbalone at last be gable to explore the lore of her celestial body, real corpo. Story of Naught. Silk blouse and skirt, yes. Red lips, yes. Soft thighs, yes yes! L'Age d 'O. Le Commandant: Unhitch stockings, roll down to just above knees! Yes O lord. Craft is going faster, jerking and banking heavily. Unattached garters slapping. Yes, thankyou Jesus. Kindly raise rump for easy undoing. Small panties, step-in please. Halleluyeah. Whispering interrogatively: Does not the slick leather-seat burn against the smoft loin? Seidig glatte Beine, jawohl! Une belle ligne. Only under the skirt, our secret, underful see Crete and then dieaper, dizzuphere. ICURO.

Robe de soie on his mind, Renard, our robetrotter. Her red tulips and his linguo-labial fricative in viscous impression. Full frontal scrutiny, a journey externally and internally, light effleurages in ear-wicked conchiousness, a vast area of condomed pleasures, and now: Ta ta taa! Soon enough the answer to eagle wonderer over the Zanian tundra. Maybe equipped with shylips! Them zanians, are they really shaped normally, I mean intimothly? Let us see, skylabia or not, overleaf. Ecce femina! Lips and hips, doubled, and redish-red. Purple. Haha. Purr-purr my boatiful bootiful one, just like a woman, my ballpoint elopes, slipstick to Buckinghem phallus, If I touch but her cloac I shall be saved, and here comes Mr Cucumber with his Doily Cannon, Pope Pepo, smell the bulbocavernous begonia, little brazen hussy. Unconquered lord of pleasure and of pain, search within the rhyming space, through regions far divided.

Zana Dyah Wara Sinta and His Highness the sphinxter, the happy highwayman, roaming copulets. Tambanana laraningwang, cure the sorrow within my heart! Passing high over lily-white twin-fells, inventive, gallant Buck beholds of the iviángernat, gemina poma, fleshy drupelets, heading towards the wooded peak of windswept Neriton, feeling the firmness of the rectus femoris, he listens to the cockyx caged in the sacral cave. Hawa wéwa wawi, it's just passion so don't come on! Lady of flushing eyes and blushing ears; I must prove my prowess powers, in zest, con brio. Yukiyu, hayoya, yukiya! She's sweet, come on, yes she's sweet. Cunnilingual cunnoisseur, ogre-ogling. Fluffy porridge! There's a hole in the cocoanut! Wéla la ya ngono. Oh my, yes like that! Going overboard with a capital oh? Avancez à l'intérieur! Artillerie, Enfantterrible, Cavallierie! Ole buttermilky way, impudenda. The rice-pudding is below average, curse of every age, cure for every sage, a sedimental journey. Buck's buddhing talents, come out to show them, supersedes his superseeds, and then the Second coming. Act of dehiscency, men's Zana InCorporating Pen Inc. Then a minute passed. Autopapa calculates the coordebrates. Stiff after the bucked sin, mentulove. Course right on the target. Soon. Laissez faire, fair lass!

Holla, cratermountains forward, amber forever moor. Job to be done, but where? Sniff, sniff, no remnants of nightly liquids. Eja Culatio Knock Turn is. Four nostrils smell better than two. One of those craters, choose right and wrong is left. Lots of vaults at Mare Tuna's Rock. Venii crater spirit of Sancte Luigi! Over there, here My Song, devil's spining-wheel, fra diavolo. La raison tonne en son cratère, arise ye wanton prisoners. Beneath, the resolvution of the puzzle, amazing celerity. Soda diavlo sol. Los olvidados. No smoking. Courtesan at the controls, touching down on land of broken promisses. Femos remos. A soft plant please, no turnship! Cayendo una fuente de cristal. Standing still in the riddle of the creater: watchcase. Excursion. Investigation.

Same herbs here as there, practically an Eden of resplendent splendodour, but also moss and lichen. Now trips a lady and now struts a lord. Picnic in the shadow. Unidentified saucage on the dot, Salamaria. Lost in vain at Marat's Tomb Block. Sweet peas, and sporaddict fungae. Pagean rites, on top of old smokey. Pear fume, apples of discord, celebrity's mace. Tüpfen, rüpfen und süpfen. Die Syringe mit lilac Shutpocketstuff. The syrup tree smears and sticks. Resigned resin. Zacaton and Buckleya, cultivated woodoo.

Great Scott, is it not? Sniff. Grief in my soil, impossible, an earthen moss. Smell. Sweetsour. How come? Winged seeds? Traversed in migrascopic spaceships, microFahrrad? Hum, well, maybe the atmospheric constitution combined with the ultraviolent light projuices better aggricultural fleece than flies badly. A murderous moss. Terrible reveilation for terrestrial. Very well, unearth this moss, flow chemicals! Disintegrate the infrastructure! Get behind the lineage of this instrufractured enegmy. Extincture for our extermination of a worm in conflagrational process. Powder every hearth, pepper every cleft, roll every stone. Caugh. Caughin.

Space family awaits the night imPalast. Ethnoparsifal group in excited expectation for the Etnafatal nightfall. And here it comes now round the bend. Est prisonnier du cycle infini de la vie. The sun now definitely (absolutely) slowly but (yes easily) with a determined stride (exactly) and impressing force (you're darn right), sets. Dim the azure skies. Chimes and gongs fill up the marble hall, rhymes and clongs from anvils of hope, they marvel all. Brass and bamboo reads: Gendèr gumlendeng gumrining, nyupak sumruwung bambungnya. But also spoke Zorroastra: Tu mihi cara, mi cara amicula, corculum es. Bow priest, bent in flight, slip the string, dapplegrey dischords. Sumer is ecumen ic, Zaid Zadok, much endevouring Empurator. Your kingdom was a broad plain, where ambrosian clover grew in plenty and nostringales were fond, seething with black passion. Burning of the midnight swamp. But in richly-furnished room in Zania, all is wall in hall. All is well in hell. Surely, slackening streets. Ballad book of Astrocity Inhibition. Now welcome, night, thou night so long expected!

Buck has really had it. Beastly stride downtown of course became feastly counterfight, and Buck had done his art, task fulfilled and flask filled full. A girl in every port, harbour paramour, pairamount caress, white doves of Cliff. The stars twinkle and call, chorus, refrain from house of detension: the latter part, this moonday was chooseday. Whereyagoing? ask dodecantropomorphs with wonderous ears surveying the silent air. Out? Out where? Just out!

Buck burping from grapejuice, the nude papal salmon, stomaching from bleak caviar pink, sneaks forbegone out, passes Garbolio, closes the gate, turns once, then runs. Veni vidi Vico. He who seeks Abenduhr. In the gloom he finds his way, sadly going forth alone. Remittant the stars cry light at the rocket, monotone. Now fuel, what a gas! Mr Rogers, do you really think you can get anyplace in that barge? Got to. Have to. I'm must ard see and leaven to the heaven, starchisled, you know what I'm talking about! There is a deeper psychology than staying after hours. There Are Forces About Which We Know So Little, Jet. Obscure instincts set the dromomaniac adrift, that itching-bitching feeling to overcome some day and crow's next. Gast, look-out, hand. My home the stars, eternellity. Uh-oh, discovered, gotta scram. Here comes everybody groveling in the dust for their Great Za. But Za tired, Za home, Za sorry and sad.

Cast skin, embark capsule, shining medaillic shuttle. Postulate people pressing, prompting, procrastinating. Countact! Howling hollering hurrying horde. Za, forsake us not! Sink, Quatl, dry, too, UN, Zorro! Ignorition. Ascendite faces! Fooooooooorce. Fore! Up into the wind. High and farewell.

Will Buck once more get caught in the aromatic astrayflood, will his home be the stars? His destiny to meander in this agnatic cerebralwood, will'e wisp in the fanti-stratic agraalOde, in apathetic surrealblood, a path ethic see real blood? His days will be count'd.

Proud people of Zania, standing lighthouse-erect. One too many salty swift and not goodbye. Perflexed, hapless, but Buckza can already picture himself on his narrative soil, among friends on Craggy Raven Inn. Be seated Dionysos Aeropagite, they say. Admitted to that equal sky, astoned crowd below, tabularaising, rebuilding the temple again, gathering stones: And there was litho! Masturbucker Marathon, till next time pregnant predestinators prefer protection. Right-founding, silver-eyedid Buck climbing the heavenly strata, only a pa' in their game. Alas, reverberating, coming Farther, as embraceodour of this Hector my consolation lies in the Stardusk. Again the One the lost above into the

Copyright Karl-Erik Tallmo, 1991, 1994.

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