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Alessandro Bavari

Relics and Resurrection, oils on paper, 1993  

  "Anthropophagous" (74 K)
  "Triptych" (72 K)
  "Totem" (48 K)
  "Divinity" (64 K)

Alessandro Bavari belongs to that group of artists in constant technical and critical ferment who are able to feel the importance of the tragical and happy events of human existence with a sensitivity which is divinatory.

His symbolic universe is full of myths, allusions, allegories, which have their own roots in the Indo-European cultural tradition. Using representation at the limits of gestic expression, photograph, painting, computer graphics allow him to give us, sometimes in a paroxysmic way, the cathartic possibility of life beyond death, to catch the brutal strength of nature and to interpret mythology with the eye of the present. So, the already mentioned techniques allow him to express himself, using a new expressive strength characterized by a concise, essential figuration focused on a few sure elements. Here then appear, as obsessive and repeated suggestions, the constant themes of the European figurative tradition: the warning of life's caducity, the beauty that passes, but also the initial prelude of rebirth; this last subject has characterized the history of symbolistic culture from the classic world till today.

This warning appears to us very current as we feel the call to superindividual, objective, ideal values. But Alessandro Bavari doesn't give us an apocalyptic vision of reality; he avoids mental categories linked to chaos through exaltation of disorder; on the contrary, he suggests to us the search of a new religiosity, new pagan, in which the only assurance is the constant possibility that the soul can survive through art.

Max Vittori

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