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Imagery From the History of Medicine

  Acupuncture chart, Ming dynasty. (50 K)
  Intestines from the book "Trong Jim Tchou King". (82 K)
  Gravida image from appr. 1400. (175 K)
  Gravida figure from Venice, 1491. (150 K)
  Leonardo da Vinci: Sagittal section of the coitus, 1493 or 1500. (131 K)
  Leonardo da Vinci: Foetus in the uterus, approx. 1512. (151 K)
  Leonardo da Vinci: Studies of a man's neck and shoulders, approx. 1510. (125 K)
  Different kinds of wounds. From Gersdorff, "Feldbuch der Wundarznei", 1517. (82 K)
  Points for blood-letting. From Gersdorff, "Feldbuch der Wundarznei", 1517. (66 K)
  Extracting a tooth. Lucas van Leyden, 1523. (112 K)
  From Andrea Vesalius, "De Humani corporis fabrica", 1543. (67 K)
  Seventh plate From Andrea Vesalius, "De Humani corporis fabrica", 1543. (80 K)
  From Charles Etienne, "De dissectione partium corporis humani libri tres, 1545. (222 K)
  From Juan de Valverde: "Anatomia del corpe humano", 1560. (79 K)
  Anatomical theater in Leiden, 1610. (197 K)
  From Adrien van der Spiegel's "De formatio foetu liber singularis", 1626. (79 K)
  From Daniel Bucretius "Tabulae anatomicae ...", 1627. (87 K)
  Johannes Rümmelin: "Catoptrum microcosmicum ...", 1639. (295 K)
  Plague doctor from Rome, engraving by Paul Fürst, 1656. (125 K)
  Crisostomo Martinez: "Lamina XVII", 1685. (154 K)
  From Robert James: "Dictionnaire universel de médecine", 1746. (30 K)
  William Hogarth: "The Anatomy Lesson", 1751. (135 K)
  From Charles Bell, "A Series of Engravings Explaining the Course of the Nerves", 1803. (106 K)
  Paolo Mascagni: "Anatomia universale", 1833. (80 K)
  Alexander Ramsay: Flap-illustration, early 19th century. (47 K)
  From Joseph Pancoast: "A Treatise on Operative Surgery", 1852. (51 K)
  Nettle-rash (top) and chicken-pox (bottom), 1941. (35 K)

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