Ben Ohmart


 Poet, playwright, composer

 Ben Ohmart has written for the stage, television and film. Most recent stage works include Ooglesnort Part II, a Pythonesque revue; Caliban, an absurdist reinterpretation of Shakespeare's The Tempest; Daughters of Rage, a ballet based on Garcia Lorca's play, The House of Bernarda Alba and commissioned by the Dance Department at Florida State University; Henry, an opera about William Rufus, William the Conqueror's son; Two Panic Plays, a translation and adaptation of two plays by Fernando Arrabal, performed at Syracuse Stage After Hours; and The Friendship Play, commissioned by the Groves International Committee on Friendship and the Family. The Tell-Tale Heart, an opera based on the Edgar Alan Poe short story, was commissioned by WFSU television and scores for Stonewall: Old Blue Light and Jesse: The Jesse James Musical were commissioned by Theatre West Virginia and the University of Mississippi, respectively.

A finalist in America's Best Comedy Script competition, Ben is a professional "gag" writer with several published and performed routines to his credit, as well as many poems and stories published in journals across the country, including A Madman's Dream, Black Bear Review, Interbang, 13 Magazine, Reflections, X-Ray Magazine, On the Road, Artisan, Alternative Press Magazine, Reptiles of the Mind, D.C.C.R., Transcendence, Sparks, Planet Chaos, Zap Inc., The Wicked, Sink Full of Dishes, Buddagus, Parthenogenesis, Skidfish, The Arm's Extent, Furry Chiclets, Holy Temple of Mass Consumption!, Mongoloid Moose, The Subterranean, Buffalo Speedway, Crying Clown, White Crow, The Terminal Journal, Farm Pulp, Frayed, Children Churches and Daddies, Gortday Review, Kaspahraster, Vox, Suffusion, 10 Things Jesus Wants You To Know, Feh! and The Iconoclast.

Ohmart's translations in collaboration with John Franceschina of the plays of the Marquis de Sade are published by Hollowbrook, and his musical adaptation of The Jungle Book was recently toured by Syracuse Stage. He is currently writing films, and his plays were performed in Canada, Indiana, Minnesota and Australia during 1997. Ben Ohmart lives in New York.


Ben Ohmart may be contacted through e-mail to Findline@aol.com.
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