Alessandro Bavari


 Artist, painter

 Alessandro Bavari  Born in 1963. Started doing photomontages at the age of fifteen and also worked with the aerograph in the 80's. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (scenography and art history). Self-taught in the classic techniques of oil painting, watercolour, calcography. Works with his own mixture of tar, glue, industrial paint and organic objects such as bones and fossils. Started working with computer imaging in 1993. Bavari regards the computer as any other working instrument, like a brush or palette or a dark-room. He has exhibited in many galleries, and worked for many agencies. He won the European Adobe Competition in 1997 with his photo-realistic images. Bavari currently also works with computer animation. He lives in Latina, south of Rome, Italy.

Art shows, publications, etc:

"Serata Accademia", Ass. Culturale Versacrum gallery - Rome, Italy (collective).

"Serata collettiva" (illustration), Histeria - Rome, Italy (collective).

(painting), Bue Toscano gallery - Rome, Italy (collective).
(painting), Locali di Kaos gallery - Rome, Italy (personal).
"Estivia"(painting) - Latina, Italy (collective).

"Rassegna di incisioni" (calcography), Procoio gallery - Latina, Italy (collective).
"Stato della ricerca formale a Latina e provincia" (painting), Federlazio - Latina, Italy (collective).

"Ex-libris" (calcography), exposition room library Aldo Manuzio - Latina, Italy (collective).
"Rassegna di incisioni, disegni, stampe" (calcography) - Latina, SABAUDIA, Italy (collective).
(painting), Ministero del Tesoro, U.N.I.C.E.F. - Rome, Italy (collective).

(painting) C.R.A.C gallery - Rome, Italy (collective).

"Annual Illustrator's International Exhibition" (illustration), ArteFiera - Bologna, Italy (competition).
Pubblication on "Annual 92 - Illustrators of Children' s Books".
"XXVI International Price of Contemporary Art" (painting) - Principaute de Monaco (competition).
(painting) Ferrero Gallery(collective) - Nice, France
"Annual Illustrator's International Exhibition" (illustration), Itabashi Art Museum - Tokyo (competition).

Published in "Maelstrom", bilingual cultural review - France, Italy.
"41 Fiera Internazionale di Roma" (calcography - II prize), Fiera di Roma - Rome, Italy (competition).
(Illustration) Castello di S.Severa (collective) - S.Severa, Italy

Gresse en Vercors (painting) - Grenoble, France (collective).

Permanent exposition in art gallery "La Colomba" - Latina, Italy.
"É Eventi: arte contemporanea a Sermoneta" (painting) - Sermoneta, Italy (collective).
"3 recontres Internationales d'Art Contemporain" (painting), Centre d'Animation Cordier - Paris (collective).

(Illustration) Mc Cann Erikson - Rome, Italy (personal).
(Computer art) PianoArt - Latina, Italy.
Pubblication on "Jump", Creative Technology for Imaging.
(painting) Cultural palace: donation for the constitution of the Modern Art Museum - Latina, Italy

Publication: Modern Art Museum.
(Computer art) Latinafiori - Latina, Italy.
(painting) Colomba Art Gallery - Latina, Italy (collective).
Winner of the "Photo-realistic images" award in the Adobe "The Power of Design" European competition 1997 - London.


Alessandro Bavari may be contacted through e-mail to alessandrobavari@libero.it.
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