Philip Hyams


 Poet, novelist, artist

 Philip Hyams  Born in 1954 in Montreal, Canada. Mr. Hyams has also lived in London, Amsterdam and Toronto. His first novel Canaan Barred was published in 1995 by Tell Books, New York/Toronto, and his poetry has been published in a number of print and electronic journals, including: Gravity (USA), First Time Magazine (England), Isibongo (South Africa), Ariga Magazine (Israel), Talus & Scree (USA), SF Salvo (USA), and Dark Letters (USA). While living in Amsterdam he performed his work under the auspices of the One World Poetry Organization.

Additionally Mr. Hyams has been a documentary film producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and his fiction is represented by The Anna-Soler Pont Agency of Barcelona. Currently Mr. Hyams is involved in a number of commercial and creative print and web-centric projects. Presently residing near Tel-Aviv, Israel.


Philip Hyams may be contacted through e-mail to philis@netvision.net.il.
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