Lars Fredriksson


 Sinologist, librarian

 Lars Fredriksson   Born October 16th, 1951 in Finspång, Sweden. Head librarian and managing director of the Far Eastern Library at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities & Art, Stockholm, Sweden.

1971-78 Stockholm University, BA in Sinology, Japanology and Indology. Extensive courses in Sanskrit, Tibetan, Korean, Religions of India and the Near and Far East.

1972 Graduate Research Librarian at the Royal National Library of Sweden. Researcher at Stockholm University, Far Eastern Language department.

1973-1978 In charge of merging the Resources of Far Eastern Languages in three major institutions, Stockholm University Library, Far Eastern Museum of Antiquities and Art Library and The Royal Library Far Eastern Materials Collection.

1978-80 Beijing University, postgraduate studies in Library Science, classical Chinese literature and classical music and chinese opera.

1984- Ph.D. studies researching origins and authenticity of early chinese texts as they are reflected in the shihuo and yinshi sections of the early Leishu- encyclopedias.

1981-99 Part time lecturer at several Universities and institutions of learning with a wide range of topics in Humanistics pertaining to both the Near, Central and Far East.

Lars Fredriksson has also compiled an extensive discography on the Web of all the recordings by Umm Kulthum, with hyperlinks from a firstline index to her songs, listing songs known to have been recorded or performed by her with reference to date of first performance, composer, poet, mode and genre, linked to audiogrammes available on the market. See also "Resources on Early Recordings of the Music of the World".


Lars Fredriksson may be contacted through e-mail to disco "at" bolingo "dot" org.
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