Mats Larsson


 Translator, Ph. D. in Nordic languages

 Mats Larsson was born in 1957 in Helsingborg, Sweden. Started his academic career as a Slavist, specialising in Russian and Czech, but later turned to Nordic languages. He wrote his thesis about strategies in translating Czech colloquial texts into Swedish. Larsson has been assistant professor in Swedish at the Karl University in Prague. Presently he is working at the Stockholm University.

Translations: Among other titles Hrabal's "Postriziny", ("Cutting it short") into Swedish as "När seklet var kort"; ("Tanecní hodiny pro starsí a pokrocilé"), into Swedish as "Danslektioner för äldre och försigkomna". Larsson has also contributed to the magazine "Tjeckiska och slovakiska röster". Together with Märta Bergstrand he published a bibliography covering Czech and Slovakian fiction in Swedish translations from 1862 through 1991, "Från Königshofer-handskriften till Novemberorkanen" (1992).


Mats Larsson may be contacted through e-mail to The Art Bin editor.
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