Kathryn Boyer


 Translator, writer, editor, art historian

 Kathryn Boyer was born 1960 in Kansas City, Kansas. Moved to Sweden in 1993; currently living in Trollhättan, Sweden.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in biology and French. Master of Arts in art history. Ph.D., art history, University of Kansas, 1994. Dissertation: Political Promotion and Institutional Patronage: How New York Displaced Paris as the Center of Contemporary Art, ca. 1955-1968  (Ann Arbor: University Microfilms International, 1995).

Working as independent art historian specializing in twentieth-century American and European art. Owns and operates Boyer Ink, a business for writing, translating, and editing, with a special focus on art and cultural texts.


Kathryn Boyer may be contacted through e-mail to boyer@swipnet.se.
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