Jörgen Adolfsson

Composer, multi-instrumentalist. Born 1951 in Västervik, Sweden. Self-taught musician, playing alto and soprano saxophone, contrabass clarinet, violin, electric guitar, synthesizer, octapads, sampler, sequencer, gongs, chimes, berimbau etc. Presently living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Selected Activities:

Member of free music group ISKRA 1970-1992.
Member of folk music group Archimedes Badkar 1972-79.
Member of the Bitter Funeral Beer Band 1981-87.
Member of the duo Karl Brothers (from 1976 on) together with Tommy Adolfsson.
Jörgen has also played with the groups Vargavinter, Ramlösa kvällar, Guitarsis, Trianglus Big Band, Råttan Frittz etc.
Several performances at the Fylkingen contemporary music society.
Collaborative work with dancers and choreographers, e.g. Kenneth Kvarnström and Cristina Caprioli.

Selected Records:

Jazz i Sverige -75: ISKRA (1975)
ISKRA: "Allemansrätt" (1977)
ISKRA: "Besvärjelser" (1979)
ISKRA: Luft (Air) (1990)
Archimedes Badkar: Badrock för barn i alla åldrar (1975)
Archimedes Badkar II (1976)
Archimedes Badkar "Tre" (1977)
Vargavinter (1976)
Karl Brothers: Air Change (1995)

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