Dror Feiler

Composer, musician. Born 1951 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Plays sopranino, soprano, alto and tenor saxophones as well as B-flat clarinet, bassethorn, contrabass clarinet and operates computerized sound systems. Studied new music and its interpretation at the Fylkingen Institute for New Music 1975-1977, musicology at Stockholm University 1977-1978, and composition at the Stockholm Music Academy (with Gunnar Bucht, Sven-David Sandström and Brian Ferneyhough) 1978-1983. Founder of free music improvisation groups Lokomotiv Konkret and The Too Much Too Soon Orchestra. Has performed and recorded solo and with several groups in Sweden, Russia, Israel, Europe and the US during the last 17 years. Living in Stockholm, Sweden, since 1973.

Selected Compositions:

"Shrapnel" for contabass clarinet and tape, 1978
"Brand" improvisation for orchestra, 1979-80
"Requiem over the years 1960-1980" for soloists and orchestra, 1979-80
"Maavak" for 6 perc., 2 picc. fl., 2 sopr. sax., 2 trpt, 4 el.kb, 1980-81
"Stalingrad", improvisation for soloists and orchestra, 1981-82
"Written in salt" for 10 percussionists, 1982-83
"Knock a Red Wedge into the White Block" for big orchestra, 1981-84
"Hallel" for soprano sax solo, 1984
"Barricade" for four hand piano, 1984
"Too much too soon" for sopr. sax., drum set and tape, 1984
"Matches" for 2 perc., 2, sopr.sax., 1985
"Schlafbrand" for perc., and church organ, 1985
"Gol'a" for church organ, 1986
"Let the millionaires go naked" for 4 el. guitars, 2 drummers and tenor saxophone, 1987
"You are dead" for 2 el. guitars, 2 el. vlc, 2 el. trbs, drums, 1987
"Holtz Narkose" for contrabass clarinet, computer and live electronics, 1988
"Ansatz" for alto saxophone and computer, 1989
"Herkos Odonton I" for cello, percussion, live electronics, ten. sax., and machines, 1989
"A death of a dream" for cello solo, 1991
"Herkos Odonton II" for guitar tape and one actor, 1991
"The celestial fire" for percussion and tape, 1991
"Umipnej chatoenu" for percussion and tape, 1991
"The heart" for saxophone and tape, 1991
"Abyssal" for clarinet and tape, 1991
"Karos" for 4 cellos, violin and tape, 1991
"Beatrice suite" for cello solo, 1991
"Wir kommen zurück" for 15 instrumentalists, 1992
"Guai" for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion and string trio, 1992
"Between the two halves of the orange" for piano solo, 1993
"Kaos I, II & III" for chamber ensemble, machines and live electronics, 1993
"Hazman" for symphonic wind orchestra, 1995

Selected Records:

"Stockholm Augusti 1978" (Lokomotiv Konkret) (LP/SAM-Urspår 1)
"Lokomotiv Konkret" (LP/SAM-Urspår 4)
"The sky is the limit" (Lokomotiv Konkret) (LP/SAM-Organic Music)
"Saw" (The Too Much Too Soon Orchestra) (LP/Radium-RA046)
"A Voice Still Heard" (Lokomotiv Konkret) (CD/Alice-ALCD 003)
"The Celestial Fire" (Dror Feiler Solo) (CD/Ankarström-Ö10)
"Kein Aber" (Lokomotiv Konkret) (LEO LAB CD 011)

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