Jean-Luc Bitton


 Writer, journalist

 Jean-Luc Bitton was born in 1959 in Lyon, France. Numerous occupations between the years 1976 and 1984 - shepherd, goat-herd, lumberjack, bee-keeper. In 1984 he discovered Emmanuel Bove's writings through Wim Wenders, read all of Bove's works and started to do reserarch about him in 1987. Worked as a journalist and photographer in Paris. Met Raymond Cousse and started to collaborate with him in the research about Bove. Raymond Cousse died in 1991, and Jean-Luc Bitton then continued their work alone.

The biography "Emmanuel Bove, la vie comme une ombre" was published in 1994 by Castor Astral in Paris, with a preface by Peter Handke. Bitton founded the Bove collection at the Institut Mémoires de l'Edition Contemporaine in Paris, also in '94, and then left for Canada, where he studied anthropology and archaeology.

A documentary film was also made about Bove, premiered in 1997.

Bitton maintains two web sites, the Emmanuel Bove site and the Chroniques Nomades site.


Jean-Luc Bitton may be contacted through e-mail to jlbitton@pop.total.net.
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