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Pride and Prejudice

A Novel in Three Volumes
by the Author of "Sense and Sensibility''

Jane Austen (1813)

  • Volume I:
    • Chapters 1-3
      The Bennets at home; Meryton assembly (25 K)
    • Chapters 4-6
      Meryton assembly post-mortem; Charlotte, evening at Sir William's (35 K)
    • Chapters 7-9
      Jane to Netherfield, later also Elizabeth and Mrs. Bennet (42 K)
    • Chapters 10-12
      Elizabeth and Jane at Netherfield, in Ch. 12 they go home (36 K)
    • Chapters 13-15
      Mr. Collins arrives; Collins at Longbourn; excursion to Meryton (32 K)
    • Chapters 16-18
      Elizabeth and Wickham; the Netherfield ball (72 K)
    • Chapters 19-21
      Mr. Collins's proposal, its aftermath, the Bingley departure from Netherfield (41 K)
    • Chapters 22-23
      Mr. Collins and Charlotte, Mr. Collins's return (25 K)

  • Volume II:
    • Chapters 24-26
      Elizabeth and Jane, the Gardiners at Netherfield, Jane to London (38 K)
    • Chapters 27-29
      Elizabeth to London, to Kent, and at Rosings (37 K)
    • Chapters 30-32
      Darcy and Elizabeth at Rosings (30 K)
    • Chapters 33-35
      Elizabeth and Col. Fitzwilliam, Darcy's proposal and letter (50 K)
    • Chapters 36-38
      Letter post-mortem, Rosings after Darcy's departure, Elizabeth to London (32 K)
    • Chapters 39-42
      Elizabeth and Jane go home, Lydia's Brighton scheme, Elizabeth and the Gardiners to Derbyshire (52 K)

  • Volume III:
    • Chapters 43-45
      Elizabeth at Pemberley, the Darcys with Elizabeth at Lambton, Elizabeth with Mrs. Gardiner at Pemberley (61 K)
    • Chapters 46-48
      Letters from Jane; Elizabeth and the Gadiners to Longbourn; Mr. Gardiner to London, Mr. Bennet to Longbourn (65 K)
    • Chapters 49-51
      Letter from Mr. Gardiner; Lydia's wedding approaching; Lydia and Wickham at Longbourn (46 K)
    • Chapters 52-54
      Mrs. Gardiner's lettter to Elizabeth; Darcy/Bingley to Netherfield; Darcy/Bingley at Longbourn (51 K)
    • Chapters 55-57
      Jane's engagement; visit of Lady Catherine; Mr. Bennet and Elizabeth (48 K)
    • Chapters 58-61
      Elizabeth and Darcy; family approves; wrap-up; the weddings (53 K)

Note: Jane Austen (1775-1817) was the daughter of a country clergyman. The upper middle-class of the British countryside, that she knew so well, also came to inhabit her novels. There were six of them, and at her own expense she published the first one, "Sense and Sensibility" (1811). Austen has en extremely good ear for dialogue together with a satirical style, that leaves no doubt as to where her sympathies are. "Pride and Prejudice" (1813), maybe the most popular of her works, was outlined already in her early twenties; by then she titled it "First Impressions".
  Among her other works are "Mansfield Park" (1814), and "Emma" (1816). "Northanger Abbey" and "Persuasion" were both published posthumously in 1818. The novel "Sanditon" was unfinished at her death in 1817. She did not receive any wider recognition during her lifetime, although Sir Walter Scott is said to have been one of her admirers.
  This e-text is in the public domain, and has been corrected against the 1923 R.W. Chapman edition, with slight punctuation modernization. It is "Netscape enhanced" for easier reading and better print output. If you need annotations with lots of facts related to this text, please refer to the highly recommendable hyperlinked version by Henry Churchyard at University of Texas.
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