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A Grammatical Table
From the Encyclopaedia Britannica, vol II C-L, 1771


A Grammatical Table exhibiting A Systematic View of WORDS naturally arranged into distinct CLASSES, with their several Subdivisions. Click on this image and view it in full size. Note that it is a very large image, in bytes only 415 K, but its width and height is 55 cm x 43 cm, so unless you have a 21 inch monitor, you will have to scroll a lot.

This is an addendum to the earlier published article "On knowledge" from the Britannica of 1771. The linguistic theory of those days are also very significant as to the view upon human knowledge, its origins, sources, and structure. This view was not challenged until rather recently, when many languages simply didn't fit into this pattern - and when it comes down to it, maybe it isn't such a good model of English either.

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