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Mati Klarwein: "Outline"

"Outline", 1985, 195 cm x 114 cm © Copyright Mati Klarwein.

"My horizon is the border between the now and the may be, the known and the unknown, the finite and the infinite. The fulfilment and the wish. The image and the hunger, the self and the other, the more you advance the more it receeds. What you gain on one side you'll loose on the other. The horizon remains always at the same distance from you which is determined by the height of your ideas the higher the ideas the wider the horizon, so, relax!"

Mati Klarwein in his book "A Thousand Windows"
(Max Publishing, Deià de Mallorca, 1995, ISBN 84-605-4554-7)

  Mati Klarwein reading his texts at the combined art show and concert at the music club Gino in Stockholm in May 1996. Photograph © Karl-Erik Tallmo.

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